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SNTSafer Neighbourhood Team (UK)
SNTSocial Norms Theory (psychology)
SNTSign-on Table
SNTSpecial Needs Trust (aka Supplemental Needs Trust; estate planning)
SNTSupplemental Needs Trust (aka Special Needs Trust; estate planning)
SNTScalable Network Technologies, Inc.
SNTSannat (postal locality, Malta)
SNTSerial Number Tracking
SNTSimplified Needs Test
SNTSurgical Navigation Technologies (Medtronic)
SNTSerum Neutralization Test
SNTSakhalin Neftegas Technology (Russia)
SNTSensitive Nuclear Technology
SNTSystem Network Test
SNTSistema Nacional de Telecomunicações (Portuguese: National Telecommunications System; Brazil)
SNTSo Not True
SNTSchmidt-Newtonian Telescope (coated-lens Newtonian telescope)
SNTShow, Not Tell (also seen as S/NT)
SNTSoft, Non-Tender
SNTStudent Nurse Technician
SNTSeasonal Normal Temperature
SNTSustainable Now Technologies (California)
SNTShip'n Track
SNTSurvivable Network Technology
SNTSoftair National Team (airsoft club; France)
SNTSignaling Network Test
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The works on gasification of SNT "Zaliv" in the village of Karlinskoye are already underway.
Murad Halabi, SNT spokesperson said: "They were amazed at how light the machine was, and had never worked with a compressor that can be towed behind a small van or passenger car yet is still powerful enough to support two breakers.
They were amazed at how light the machine was, and had never worked with a compressor that can be towed behind a small van or passenger car; yet is still powerful enough to support two breakers," observed Murad Halabi, a spokesperson at SNT.
SNT is growing, there would be taxes on the gains), possible accounting fees (a funded trust must file a tax return each year just like people do), and attorney fees (whether they are serving as trustee/co-trustee, or providing periodic consultation to ensure that the SNT is in compliance with evolving rules and regulations).
All patients had SNT inserted prior to CNT insertion.
Burada, Sartli Nakit Transferleri'nin Turkiye'de uygulamasini baslatan Dunya Bankasi'nin Sosyal Riski Azaltma Projesi'yle ilgili gerceklestirilen saha calismasinin bulgularindan ve ayrica cesitli kuruluslar tarafindan yapilan SNT etki degerlendirmesi calismalarindan faydalanilacaktir.
This report presents the first known case of polyorchidism with three right-sided, intra-abdominal SNT in a patient less than one year of age.
It is universally recognized that life insurance is the single best asset to fund an SNT due to availability of cash when it is needed most.
SNT has been in research and development since its inception in February of 2009.
The ELISA showed 95% sensitivity and 75% specificity compared with the SNT.
The majority of SNTS [Serial Number Tracking System] users already use OTS, and now they'll instantly recognize the look and feel of SNT we put in One Touch," said Michael Zabarouskas, COMFISCS OTS program manager.
Steve Stasiukonis, vice president and founder of SNT, had the problem of an alerted community, so he decided against a straightforward break-in.