SNUHSeoul National University Hospital (Seoul, South Korea)
SNUHSpringfieldians for Nonviolence, Understanding, and Helping (The Simpsons)
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The Cancer Hospital at SNUH is reportedly dedicated to providing the best medical service to cancer patients.
5% stake in the joint venture, while SNUH will hold the remaining 50.
Of 31 patients with ALA at SNUH from 1990 through 2005, 10 (32%) were HIV positive.
SNUH is an ideal partner for us for three reasons; South Korea is an increasingly important player in Asia-Pacific clinical drug development; we have a talented and engaged workforce in South Korea that has a heritage of delivering quality clinical research; and SNUH has embraced a shared vision for this model as we aim to improve human health.
Director of Clinical Trials Center, SNUH, said, "We are proud of our reputation and experience in conducting international-caliber clinical research across multiple therapeutic areas.
Meanwhile, SNUH came under criticism for unfair treatment of employees based on their employment status during the National Assembly inspection into government agencies and public institutions in October.
After completing her fellowship training in surgical pathology at SNUH, she commenced working at Asan Medical Center, the largest hospital in Korea.
To determine the study cohort, all consecutive patients who underwent thyroidectomy for thyroid nodules between January 2010 and December 2010 in SNUH were identified.
Seoul National University Hospital (South Korea) - A large university medical center in Korea, SNUH is tracking patients through the diagnostic process to improve patient throughput and care.
The surgical oncologist from MGH even received additional training in stomach cancer surgery at SNUH, which performs around 1,000 stomach cancer surgeries per year, the highest number of treatments.