SNVCSpay Neuter Veterinary Clinic (North Carolina)
SNVCSierra Nevada Volleyball Club
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These are words chanted by members of the SNVC at a rally organized in November 2012 at the Marche de la Liberte--one of the largest markets in the eastern part of Kinshasa, in the district of Masina.
The lead organization, the SNVC, was created in October 1997.
Commenting on this bargaining power, the president of the SNVC reflected: 'We can paralyse the city.
However, the resentment felt by members of the UDCC, RANEECO and AFCONA should not be confused with the discontent of the SNVC and smaller affiliates.
As interviews were conducted, it became apparent that tensions existed between the SNVC on the one hand, and RANEECO, CCR CKE and, to a lesser extent, UDCC on the other.
In one interview with the administrator of Marche Ngaba, the latter openly indicated that the SNVC worked 'in partnership' with the administrators and that he fully supported the city's implementation of a programme to expel hawkers operating along the main arteries, as the streets were 'flooded with our expatriate brothers who occupy many tables.
Rather, market operators have redefined new rules and arrangements, and have reorganized accordingly, giving little purchase to the SNVC mobilization.
In our case study, the exclusionary logic of the SNVC, without passing judgement on the validity of its claims, was resisted in different ways by targeted traders.
In a way, the multiple forms taken by the resilience and resistance of foreign operators to injunctions by the SNVC to exclude foreigners from economic spaces directly question national citizenship as the main basis for political and economic membership of the city of Kinshasa.
As a veteran-owned company, SNVC is committed to supporting those who serve our nation, build its economy and improve the lives of its citizens.
SNVC is a small veteran-owned company providing Information Technology Services and Solutions to clients located nationwide.