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The resources of SNZ are considerable and SNZ staff have access to unpublished data that are inaccessible or difficult to access for 'outsiders'.
A final point to note regarding the estimates of labour productivity by SNZ is that labour productivity growth is considerably higher than in all earlier estimates.
SNZ (2001a) Demographic Trends 2001, Statistics New Zealand, Wellington.
SNZ (2001b) "New Zealand Superannuation receivers for the year ended June 2001" Household Economic Survey, Statistics New Zealand, Wellington.
Auckland is divided by SNZ into four zones (see Appendix Figure 1), Northern (population 219,936 in 2001 census), Western (population 173,643 in 2001 census), Central (population 359,469 in 2001 census), and Southern (population 321,465 in 2001 census), which can be identified in the IS data.
Confidential data collected by SNZ allowed us to estimate a Cobb-Douglas production frontier for rock lobster fishing for fishing years 1993 and 2002.
To receive the Tavern Gaming License, officials from SNZ, Inc.
3% Stake in Zirco Products II-20China Zirconium Changes Name to Sino Dragon New Energy Holdings II-20Premier Minerals to Undertake New Mining Project II-20SNPTC-Bao Ti Zirconium Industry Establishes First- Ever Nuke-used Zirconium Materials Manufacturing Plant II-20Guangdong Orient Zirconic Commences Operation on Two NewProduction Lines II-21Mintech Chemical Industries Takes Over Doral Specialty II-21Westinghouse Forms Joint Venture with SNZ II-21Magnesium Hektron Renames Itself as MEL Chemicals II-21
10) `Years of schooling' was estimated on the basis of the individual's highest qualification, using the following approximations: No qualifications -- 10 years; School Certificate -- 11 years; Sixth Form Certificate or UE -- 12 years; Bursary or Higher School Certificate -- 13 years; Other school qualifications not classified by SNZ -- 12 years; Non-university diploma or certificate -- 14 years; Bachelor degree -- 16 years; Post-graduate degree -- 18 years.
The various reviews of the CPI published by SNZ and its predecessors list practical arguments against using the alternative user cost or rental equivalence methods, as well as arguments about the practicality and comprehensibility of the current method (Government Statistician, 1971; SNZ, 1991, 1995b).
SNZ is owned by the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, Ltd.
7 million debt issue is listed under the ticker symbol SNZ.