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SODSSaskatoon Open Door Society (est. 1981; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
SODSSubordinate Operations Data System
SODSService Order Download System (United)
SODSSpace Operation and Data System
SODSSignificant Others' Drug Use Survey (psychology)
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Then, all parties having provided themselves with many sods of turf, cut with their bread-and-cheese knives, the side which remained at the bottom proceeded to assault the mound, advancing up on all sides under cover of a heavy fire of turfs, and then struggling for victory with the occupants, which was theirs as soon as they could, even for a moment, clear the summit, when they in turn became the besieged.
The garden was very small and new, with a grass-plot still in separate sods, but a quantity of full-grown laurels stuck into the raw clay beds.
Must he give up the hope of having by his side a son who would look at the turned-up sods with a master's eye?
Our neighbours lived in sod houses and dugouts--comfortable, but not very roomy.