SOFCSolid Oxide Fuel Cell
SOFCSticker on Front Cover (buying guide)
SOFCStudent Organization Funding Committee (various universities)
SOFCShepherds of Christ Ministries (China, IN)
SOFCSouthern Oregon Fencing Center (Ashland, OR)
SOFCSeattle Orthopaedic and Fracture Clinic (Washington)
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SOFC technology makes use of natural gas as the source for hydrogen in a fuel cell which combines it with oxygen to generate electricity.
In 2014, Asia-Pacific was the largest regional market for planar SOFC and accounted for a market share, by value, of 38.
SOFC systems operating on coal syngas, natural gas or biogas can generate clean power with virtually zero pollutants and significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, particularly when configured for combined heat and power.
In the pressurized hybrid system, air pressurized by the MGT's compressor is supplied to SOFCs and used as oxidant; then the thermal energy and pressure of the high-temperature exhaust gas from the SOFC module are transferred to the MGT to be used, together with the unreacted portion of the gas, to produce electricity.
The program will focus on advancing 500 Watt to 1,000 Watt SOFC power systems that operate on high-performance liquid fuels, including alternative bio-derived fuels such as butanol and bio-diesel.
SOFC systems offer the opportunity to meet energy needs by producing electricity cleanly and quietly.
SECA brings together members of the US government, industry and scientific community to develop SOFC technology.
GTI will identify potential applications and develop technical specifications for military else of SOFC technology, with emphasis on ruggedness and the use of currently available logistic fuels.
The operating temperature of the conventional SOFC is around 1,000 C so other materials used in conjunction with the battery tend to deteriorate quickly.
3]s SOFC power plant enables to reduce greenhouse gases by more than 40-60% compared to conventional combustion process.
com/research/n8gkc8/global_sofc) has announced the addition of the "Global SOFC Market 2015-2019" report to their offering.