SoFSScale-out File Services (IBM)
SOFSSwitch Operations Field Services (Sprint)
SOFSSpontaneous Osteoporotic Fracture of the Sacrum (radiotherapy)
SOFSSound of Slate (UK)
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Evans, a consultant and owner of the organization's predecessor, filed a class action lawsuit to restore clinical services to 740 mentally and behaviorally ill Medicaid recipients served by SOFS and to force the authority to reinstate Medicaid payments that it was withholding.
The case was filed February 6 on behalf of Southeastern Oklahoma Family Services (SOFS), Milton Evans, consultant to SOFS, and 740 patients who receive medically necessary mental health treatment from SOFS.
A class action lawsuit on behalf of 740 mentally ill patients has been filed against the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority by Southeastern Oklahoma Family Services (SOFS) and Milton Evans, a consultant to SOFS.