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SOIPSpeech Phone over Ip
SOIPScanner over Ip
SOIPStorage over Ip
SOIPServices over Ip
SOIPSignaling over Ip
SOIPSerial over Ip
SOIPStorage over IP (Internet Protocol)
SOIPStock Option Incentive Plan
SOIPServices Over Internet Protocol
SOIPSales, Operations, and Inventory Planning
SOIPSurveillance over IP
SOIPSequential Overhaul Improvement Plan
SOIPSignal of Interest Power
SOIPSignaling Over Internet Protocol
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Roman Khalenkov, PortaOne Sales and Marketing Director, commented on the ability of his company's PortaSwitch IMS to interoperate with WTL's SoIP SS7-to-VoIP switch.
Most of the largest suppliers in the storage market, including EMC, HDS and Hewlett-Packard, stress they are waiting for improvements in SoIP technologies before trying to open up the market.
At present, the main weakness is the relatively poor performance of SoIP compared to fibre channel.
KT's answer to this innovation challenge is the re-definition of our services to SoIP aimed to accelerate market growth and to deliver rich multimedia experience for our customers.
With the advent of SoIP, we and our partners will enable the broad deployment of SANs," Latif continued.
Zetera Z-SAN[R] SoIP Technology Paired with Double-Take Software for Affordable Data Replication Deployment for SMB Market
The new partnership will enable Double-Take Software channel partners and Zetera licensees utilizing Zetera's Z-SAN[R] SoIP storage technology to offer small/medium businesses affordable and simple solutions for disaster recovery and high availability.
Zetera Corporation is the developer of Z-SAN[R] technology, a SoIP (Storage over Internetworking Protocol) platform that enables networked storage to be realized at unprecedented price-performance levels.
Z-SAN SoIP architecture uses Internetworking Protocol (IP) to deliver to the masses all of the benefits of a Storage Area Networks (SANs) without the expense or complexity.
Extensible "Z3" Design Enables SoIP for Both Consumer and Business Products from a Single Platform
Z-SAN SoIP architecture uses Internetworking Protocol (IP) to deliver all of the benefits of a Storage Area Network (SAN) without the expense or complexity.
NETGEAR Expands Successful Storage Product Line Based on First True SoIP Solution Available