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SONAState of the Nation Address (Philippines)
SONAService Oriented Network Architecture
SONAService-Oriented Network Architecture (Cisco)
SONASpecial Olympics North America (Washington, DC)
SONASuggested Optimal Daily Nutritional Allowances
SONASouthern Ontario Neuroscience Association (Canada)
SONAStatement of Net Assets
SONASchool of Naval Administration, Leland Stanford University (California; US Navy)
SONASerous Ovarian Neoplastic Amylase
SONASimple Optic Nerve Atrophy (opthamology)
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The Himalayan black bear, moody and suspicious--Sona, who has the V-shaped white mark under his chin--passed that way more than once; and since the Bhagat showed no fear, Sona showed no anger, but watched him, and came closer, and begged a share of the caresses, and a dole of bread or wild berries.
Some of the children, too, had heard Sona singing to himself, bear-fashion, behind the fallen rocks, and the Bhagat's reputation as miracle-worker stood firm.
It ran from house to house, while the beasts, cramped in the narrow way, surged and huddled round the Bhagat, and Sona puffed impatiently.
The people hurried into the street--they were no more than seventy souls all told--and in the glare of the torches they saw their Bhagat holding back the terrified barasingh, while the monkeys plucked piteously at his skirts, and Sona sat on his haunches and roared.
They saw the barasingh standing over him, who fled when they came near, and they heard the langurs wailing in the branches, and Sona moaning up the hill; but their Bhagat was dead, sitting cross-legged, his back against a tree, his crutch under his armpit, and his face turned to the north-east.
At present, Sona Systems has two breweries in Ota Ogun State and Kaduna, respectively, Ogun State whereas Life Breweries in Onitsha.
I am pleased to have the opportunity to guide Sona Mobile's future growth and development and to oversee the repositioning that will enable us to focus more fully on the applications we believe will lead to a more scalable, growing business," Kreloff stated.
Resultantly, Sona who was dirving motorcycle died on the spot while his minor nephew and sister in law sustained injuries after falling from the motorcycle.
Cronin, ayrica, oldukca genis bir veri seti ile yaptigi arastirmasinda terorist dalgalarin sona ermesine dair alti alternatif senaryo tespit etmistir.
New Delhi [India], Sep 05 ( ANI ): After writing an open letter to Kangana Ranaut, playback singer Sona Mohapatra has slammed celebrities and their paid PR armies on Tuesday.
We are grateful for the sign language interpreters during the SONA because of their efforts to deliver the message of the President to our fellow Filipinos who are deaf.
The SONA is the Presidents way to define the current problems that the nation faces and to propose legislative and other solutions to both Houses of Congress for their consideration.