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SONARSound Navigation & Ranging
SONARSymantec Online Network for Advanced Response
SONARSound Navigation and Ranging
SONARSystem Optimization and Navigation with Aspects at Runtime
SONARStatement of Need and Reasonableness (Minnesota state legislature)
SONARSwitch on No Activity Received (metrobility optical systems)
SONARSolar Near-Surface Active-Region Rendering
SONARSource of Noise and Reason (rock band)
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This API integration with Sonar is a step forward in our vision to offer cutting-edge networking solutions to WISPs and I thank Simon and our WISP customers using Sonar who worked with us to integrate Pulse topology information," said Gerrit Nagelhout, CEO, Aterlo Networks.
Rick Perkins, Chief Technical Officer of NuTEQ Solutions said, The integration with Sonar is an important milestone for NuTEQ.
Vexilar's Wi-Fi-based SonarPhone system turns your mobile device into a high-definition sonar screen.
Arjan Boonman and colleagues from Tel Aviv University here model the quality of information that two species of bats receive from sonar and eyesight when hunting for insects.
Normally, using sonar to locate targets in bubbly water is a bit like driving a car at night in thick fog, says Leighton, of the University of Southampton in England.
During sonar exercises at the Navy's undersea testing range near Andros Island in the Bahamas, the researchers used a Navy array of underwater microphones to listen for the biosonar clicks that beaked whales make to search for prey.
Scanning a 360-degree revolution per second for pipelines up to 18 feet in diameter, today's sonar technology enables inspection in both charged and semi-charged conditions by including the option of a mounted CCTV system for simultaneous inspection above and below the waterline, producing the results into one composite view.
Burgess said the training is important because when properly used, sonar technology can enhance the squadron's main missions: search, rescue and recovery.
Q How different an experience is it for you playing the Sonar stage?
Their career was short, but the high profile launch party for their single at the General Wolfe, saw the name Sonar Records well and truly implanted into the Midlands music scene.
Por que no sonar con que Salvador Duran y "Checo" Perez reciban una oportunidad de probarse en la Formula Uno.
Dear EarthTalk: Is it true that military sonar exercises actually kill marine wildlife?