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SOOLSimple Object Oriented Language
SOOLSoundtrack of Our Lives (band)
SOOLSuomen Opettajaksi Opiskelevien Liitto (Finnish: Finnish Student Teachers Association; Finland)
SOOLSo Out of Luck
SOOLShoot, Out Of Luck
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The closest would be the Sool Gallery, a museum for Korean alcohol in Gangnam, Seoul where Jisung worked before.
Kuk Sool Won is a relatively new martial art which combines all aspects of traditional Korean martial arts including forms, self defence techniques, sparring and weapons.
Kutz train under 5th degree Master Justin Bunn and Tiffany Bunn at Kuk Sool Won of Woodland.
Further, Puntland issued a press release shortly after becoming autonomous stating that it intended to include Sool and Sanaag as part of its territory.
Rein Sepp and Reet Sool have written a lot of verse in Estonian.
A MERSEYSIDE based Korean martial arts school won nearly two dozen gold medals at the UK Kuk Sool Won Championships.
Somalia (Southern Somalia, the north-eastern area (Puntland and the Sool and Sanaag regions of Somaliland)
South Korea's six-member delegation to the talks was headed by Kim Jong Sool, vice president of the government-established Korea Gas Corp.
com)-- September 2016 is Positive Attitude Month as part of Kuk Sool Won[TM] of Menlo Park's Powerful Words Character Development program
The direct beneficiaries of this project are approximately 18,593 girls (sedentary and nomadic) from poor, vulnerable and marginalised households in rural areas of Togdheer, Sool, Sanaag, Mudug, Ayn and Galmudug regions, who are currently in or out of school.