SOPOSexual Offences Prevention Order (UK)
SOPOSociety of Procurement Officers in Local Government (UK)
SOPOSense of Possibility
SOPOStatement of Project Objectives
SOPOSociety of Purchasing Officers (UK)
SOPOSouth of Ponce (Atlanta, GA)
SOPOStowarzyszenie Obrony Praw Ojca (Polish: Association for Defense of the Father; est. 1986; Warsaw, Poland)
SOPOSpecial Operations and Program Officer (United States)
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Pope, of Webster Road, Normanby, Middlesbrough, admitted seven breaches of the SOPO.
The SOPO expired last month and Police Scotland are working to get a new order put in place.
ntht an you expect t immediate " Acknowledging the time Douglas has already served on remand, Judge Geoffrey Miller made him the subject of a three-year probation order and re-set the terms of his SOPO until 2026.
Conditions of Akram's SOPO included him informing police of every relationship and contact he had with unrelated adult females.
Carlos said PNP units will also be on alert for any movement of Communist rebels who will take advantage of the SOPO to reposition, regroup and to engage in unlawful activities.
Jailing him for 12 months, Judge David Aubrey, QC, said Powell had no convictions for molesting children, but he had to learn he must abide by the terms of the SOPO.
Burrell, of King Court in Chesterle-Street, pleaded guilty to breaching the SOPO and to intimidation at Newcastle Crown Court.
PK), a company involved in the design, fabrication and installation of waste heat recovery systems, has signed an agreement with the Jiangsu SOPO Group.
Yvonne Jobling, prosecuting, said the SOPO imposed by the Crown Court runs until January 2013 and prohibits Benson from owning or using a computer within the confines of her home.
This large plant supplies industrial gas for the 600,000 tons per year acetic acid plant of SOPO, the largest acetic acid producer in China with a 30% market share.
Sentenced Richards, of Vicarage Street, Stockton, to 15 months in prison, Judge Stephen Ashurst said: "Your SOPO put an obligation on you to notify the police of any relationships you formed with any women.
Sullivan was deemed to be of 'medium risk' in July last year, after showing "measurable changes", such as seeking a job, gaining a new home and managing his SOPO "without any difficulty".