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SORAGSex Offender Risk Appraisal Guide (criminology)
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In Britain, Social Services are investigating claims that although 12 local councils paid SORAG hundreds of thousands of pounds to care for disabled Somali asylum seekers some never received the care.
Other Somali war veterans also claim to have been ripped off by rogue SORAG workers.
Posing as benefit fraudsters, Sunday Mirror investigators visited SORAG in Woolwich, South East London.
167) Among all of the examined procedures, the SORAG had the largest AUC value when predicting any serious reoffense (.
170) The correlation between the SORAG and violent recidivism was .
The results of the Static-99 or the SORAG, on the other hand, which are based on measurements of sexual recidivism, have a much clearer and more immediate fit to SVP proceedings.
Dr Yassin Arab, director of the Hargeisa Group Hospital, said a SORAG official had promised money.
Somali Mental Health minister Ahmed Omer Hersi said: "We have not received any funds or any other form of assistance from SORAG.
Sunday Mirror investigators found that SORAG transferred the charity's funds out of the UK using a banking system called Hawala, a money-transfer method.