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SORDSpecial Operations Research & Development (various locations)
SORDSudanese Organization for Research & Development (Sudan)
SORDSystem Operational Requirements Document
SORDSoldier Oriented Research and Development
SORDSubmerged Ordnance Recovery Device
SORDSpecial Operations Recovery Drag (firefighting)
SORDSupervisory Officers Relations Division
SORDSimplified Operational Requirement Document
SORDStatement of Operational Requirement Document
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Violins, violas, and cellos are all marked con sord.
The solicitation indicates the Air Force seeks information on offerer system capabilities (including software) that will allow it to meet requirements established in the SORD.
Today, supplement users are increasingly expressing their desire to know that a supplement has a chance of being effective via nutrient integrity, absorption, and sheer palatability that supports consumption, according to the SORD study.
Stravinsky, however, consistently indicates bouche and ouvert for hand-stopped notes but con sord.
In the most recent SORD study, 45% of Millennials agreed that they, "Wish my doctor would discuss ways for me to lead a healthier lifestyle," versus 37% of total cohort and 30% of Boomers.
Vegetarian capsules, in particular, have been growing in popularity because of the clean label movement; 44% of supplement users want a vegetarian source, according to the SORD study.
Of all demographic segments, Millennials showed the most interest in "clean label" supplements, according to the SORD study; 60% of Millennial supplement users are aware supplements can be vegetarian based, and 54% deem non-GMO-certified supplements are important.