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SORISecure and Objective Reputation-Based Incentive Scheme
SORISex Offender Registry Information
SORISpecial Olympics Rhode Island (Warwick, RI)
SORISustained Off-Resonance Irradiation
SORISafety and Operational Reliability Improvements (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center; California)
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cambricum P interjectum Frond development autumn spring, autumn Life cycle fronds die off fronds perennial in spring Length of fronds up to 80 cm up to 70 cm including stalks Outline of frond triangular to linear-lanceolate ovate to ovate- lanceolate Basal pair of thend to be thend to be pinnae directed forwards directed forwards Secondary veins 3-4 (-6) times 3-4 times of pinnae dichotomous dichotomous Length of rhizome 10-15 mm 3-6(-10) mm scales Shape of sori elliptical elliptical Paraphyses in sori present absent No of cells in the 4-8 (-10) (4-) 7-10 (-13) annulus Colour of mature pale yellow or colourless or annulus light brown light brown Size of stomata (39-) 46.
Themes that were common to two or more studies included (a) the time commitment and course expectations that divert students away from their spouses and families (Ford Sori et al.
We are attempting, in good faith, to get our account 'caught up,' but how can we if Eastern refuses cash payments," Soto wrote in the Sept 21 e-mail to Munar and Sori.
5-1 mm long; brown, catenate; veins 1-2-bifurcate, glabrous; sori 1-1.
Finally, in the Port Aransas plants the sporangia and propagula were observed to occur in two closely positioned rows on the inferior blade surface and in more irregularly arranged sori on the superior side of the blade.
Sori medial or submarginal but not under revolute margins of indusia present or absent 13
I'm not a good bad-ball hitter like Sori (Alfonso Soriano) or Jete (Derek Jeter).
In October last year, about 20 lawmakers in their 30s and 40s formed a group, called ''Shinsedai Sori wo Tsukuru Kai'' (society to create a new-generation prime minister) and launched a campaign using the Internet to choose the next LDP president from among 24 younger lawmakers, including LDP Secretary General Shinzo Abe, Defense Agency chief Shigeru Ishiba and Seiko Noda, former posts and telecommunications minister.
The company is also the sole manufacturer and distributor for products designed by Sori Yanagi, "a Japanese design legend," as described by Niemann, who has created furniture, tableware, kitchenware and lighting, as well as the Olympic torch holder for two Olympic ceremonies, bridges and motor way tunnels.
Sori around the bases of peduncles, sometimes around the axes of spikelets or around floral organs; when young, covered by whitish brown, early rupturing peridia.
Plants containing fertile sori can be found year-round and bear as many as 3 x [10.
In Migori county, roads in Migori, Rongo, Awendo and Sori towns were blocked by angry youths.