SORIEStatement of Recognized Income and Expense (UK)
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Refers to a biological male who wears clothes and acces sories that are considered to be more suitable for the female gender.
Newspaper reports are full of sories that leave single people with the impression that having kids these days is like having a pet dog or cat.
The new SB-300 and SB-200 are the first in a sories of units to be introduced in the next two years," explained Mark Watson, Thermo King global marketing director, trailer products.
In general, the stories are poorly sourced (fewer than two types of sources per story on average) and, with a few exceptions, do not contain the historical, geographical, or political context that is so important in making land-use sories meaningful.
5Mtr Pp Dip System,Digital Panel Indicator With 2 Relays & All Acces Sories Reqd.
Shoexpress' new backA[degrees]toA[degrees]school collection features a wide assortA[degrees] ment of shoes, bags and accesA[degrees] sories for all.
SW9 (18) ** Documentary film maker Richard Parry gets his first big screen outing with this fictional series of of sories set around a Brixton night club.
1990 Lilly's Kids -- Children's room decor, toys, games and fashion acces- sories
Contract notice for Procurement and mixed integrated for the design and layout of the room sories and cfd, including the provision of furniture, plants and the functional adaptation of the premises.
Along with printer consumables, other hot growth categories in computer acces- sories are surge protectors and PC security products.
A variety of available accesA[degrees] sories make the tablet experience more enjoyable and proA[degrees] ductive, including an Acer Crunch Keyboard A[degrees] for users who need a keyboard.