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SORSSpatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy
SORSStatistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
SORSSpilled Oil Recovery System
SORSSIGINT Overhead Reconnaissance Subcommittee
SORSSequential Occupancy Release System (Bay Area Rapid Transit Authority)
SORSSmall Object Recovery System
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While scholars have proposed constitutional review of SORs under doctrines other than the one articulated in this Comment, proportionality offers unique advantages.
The SOR is not intended to apply to stand-alone services that are not part of a PFP process and that are already addressed in other professional literature (see (All references are to paragraph numbers within the SOR.
The level of integrity and technical competence that comes from compliance with the SORs and the full body of standards and guidance is an important way in which CPAs can set themselves apart from other financial service providers.
The 1980s and 1990s saw the unearthing of some new documents, or the rescrutiny of half-forgotten ones, that significantly altered scholarly understanding of Sor Juana's life, in particular her final years.
Unlike the publication of Sor Tadea's romance depicting the Carmelite's rescue and escape from their flooding convent, these travel documents were almost never published during the lifetime of the author.
Al incorporar a la celeberrima suicida en la obra, las indicaciones escenicas de La condesa llego a las cinco resultaron tan innovadoras que llegaron a atraer el interes y la atencion del director de nacionalidad holandesa, Ronse Royaards, quien quiso dirigir en la Ciudad de Mexico la puesta en escena de este drama cuyos personajes historicos femeninos debian mostrar al publico dos realidades socioculturales distanciadas entre si: por una parte la atmosfera europea e intelectualmente progresiva del circulo de Bloomsbury al cual pertenecio Virginia Woolf, y por la otra, el sofocante e intolerante ambiente religioso del Mexico colonial que circunscribio la vida de Sor Juana.
The resulting text (see 1:48) is much easier to read; the various parts of the music, distinguished previously by their staves, remain intelligible through the careful use of note-stem directions--a convention that Sor himself consistently used.
The strongest insights of this study emerge from the account of Sor Juana's major works Primero sueno (an extended poem about the quest by the soul or intellect to understand the divine workings of the Universe) and Divino narciso (an auto sacramental which places Narcissus in the role of Christ).
This essay puts Primero Sueno and "Contemplations" in conversation, exploring the respective means by which Sor Juana and Anne Bradstreet rewrite myth, theology, and epistemology to create a poetic world in which women can play an authoritative role.
The SOR 1010 Flushing Rings can be configured to meet all of your requirements for flushing, calibration, and drip rings.
In Literary Self-Fashioning in Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, Frederick Luciani discusses how Sor Juana creates the literary image she wishes to present to her readers throughout her works, focusing in part on her famous Respuesta a Sor Filotea de la Cruz (Answer to Sister Filotea de la Cruz) in which Sor Juana describes in detail key biographical moments of her intellectual development.
In his CD Boxing for God (2001), the Chicano performer El Vez includes a cheesy but affectionate song, featuring a pocho-rap interlude, about Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz (1648-95), the nun who "read so much and wrote so well her fame spread across de nation.