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SORSSpatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy
SORSStatistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
SORSSpilled Oil Recovery System
SORSSIGINT Overhead Reconnaissance Subcommittee
SORSSequential Occupancy Release System (Bay Area Rapid Transit Authority)
SORSSmall Object Recovery System
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Larry Yen, President of GreenSoft Technology, states: "RCOI due diligence responsibilities for OEMs can be fulfilled through our SOR Validation service, releasing OEMs from the burden of contacting many suppliers, sub-suppliers, and even SORs directly.
Andrew Slattery, trainer of Sors This race has been the plan for him and I've been very happy with him since Cork.
26) Presumably this means SORs cannot be reviewed under the Cruel and Unusual Punishment (27) or Double Jeopardy Clauses, either.
As a practice aid, the SOR is written in a format to provide a conceptual framework, outlining the CPA's primary professional responsibilities in providing personal financial planning services to clients.
Some SORs are prospective in nature, that is, only individuals convicted of a sexual offence on or after the date that the relevant legislation was proclaimed may be included on the registry.
Determine which of the SORs can be answered by NRO systems data, and which ones cannot.
The SORs define PFP services rather broadly: Basically, a member is providing PFP services whenever he or she is involved in developing strategies or making recommendations to assist a client in defining and achieving personal financial goals.
Sors, 28, was one of three "Young Scientists" chosen from a pool of 25 applicants.
The California State Lottery announced Donut Galore, owned by Lang & Chun Sor, has been named the California State Lottery's 2006 "Retailer of the Year.
The SOR report provided in-depth diagnostics on GUS UK's current operations, including corporate and academic governance, quality and standards, organisational structures and processes and regulatory compliance.
Accompanying the intense scholarly interest in Sor Juana in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries--and to some degree spurred on by it--has been the increased attention paid to other female religious in the early modern Hispanic world.
The editor-publisher who has done the most to make things right in sorting out the Sor sources and presenting them to the public, and not coincidentally the person responsible for the present edition, is Brian Jeffery.