SOSCOESystem-Of-Systems Common Operating Environment (US Army)
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The Army has tested the SOSCOE middleware on seven different cell phone brands, including those made by Google and Motorola.
An alternative to the SOSCOE middle ware is another Linux-based operating system called "command post of the future," which the Army currently operates at hundreds of bases in Iraq and Afghanistan.
MapuSoft's OS Abstractor product satisfied SOSCOE requirements for memory and thread management on two operating systems.
The integration of OS Abstractor and SOSCOE provides valuable OS independence to SOSCOE's applications.
The unrivalled flexibility and scalability of FAST ESP is a perfect match to the architecture of the SOSCOE.
Jabber XCP was selected to be included as the basis for chat services in SOSCOE because it has the proven flexibility, extensibility, security, and scalability necessary to connect hundreds of thousands of personnel, remote sensors, and other resources in real-time.