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SOSESchool of Science and Engineering (various schools)
SOSEStudies of Society and Environment
SOSESons of Straight Edge (Liferuiner song)
SOSESystem-Of-Systems Engineering
SOSESommer-Semester (German: Summer Semester)
SOSESpecial Operations Staff Element
SOSESpecial Operations Support Element
SOSESave Often, Save Early
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28] H Ling Shan, Test as a service: A framework for web Security Taas Service in cloud environment",In IEEE 8th International Symposium on SOSE, pp 212-217, 2014
Ayni yazinin ikinci maddesinde yeni ahirin yanina on otomobil icin bir de garaj yapilmakta oldugu, ondeki eski garaj ile ahir ve yeni garaj arasindaki birkac yuz metrekarelik yolun cok bozuk oldugu, buraya iki otomobil gececek genislikte sose insasina izin verilmesi istenmektedir (CAA.
In some jurisdictions, or even at school level, the integrated KLAs reverted back to what were seen as their constituent parts, or 'disciplines' (see Deng, 2008); SOSE might be history and geography, or legal studies and politics in senior years.
Last summer, I remember inventory being on the market that still needed to be absorbed," said Holly Sose, a senior agent at City Connections Realty.
Linking literacy model to SOSE textbooks: Using the Four Resources Model across the curriculum.
For me, Mexico is the most efficient gateway to the Nafta zone and Dubai is the most efficient gateway to the GCC and the influence zones of UAE such as India and other Arab countries and Central Asia," sose Neif Jury Fabre, ME Business and Economic Affairs Minister at Pro Mexico Middle East, said.
After the Japanese occupation and the independence struggle, in the 1950s the Toraja homeland was terrorized by the troops of the Buginese-Toraja warlord Andi Sose.
Reliability and Risk Analysis of the Internet: Case of Korean Internet Interconnections // IEEE SoSE, 2008.
tiszta szavam sose kormozza be / a barna fusttel ego felelem
17) SOSE looks at what has been done; humanities looks at how and why.
E-business engineering (ICEBE 2007, SOAIC 2007, SOSE 2007, SOKM 2007); proceedings.