SOSIGSocial Science Information Gateway
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SOSIG relies on a solid set of quality assurance methods that aim to ensure consistency and accuracy amongst the team of specialists.
At SOSIG a great deal of time and effort has gone into developing procedures to ensure a consistent approach to the cataloguing process.
Training Each Section Editor receives training on all aspects of working with SOSIG.
The SOSIG Scope Policy, which outlines the type of resources the Internet Resource Catalogue covers in terms of subject matter, geographical coverage, language, etc.
The Cataloguing Rules, which aim to help SOSIG editors use standard practices when adding records to SOSIG to ensure that records within the database are consistent and of a high quality.
Online Tools and Checks SOSIG has integrated a range of online tools and automatic checks (many at the request of Section Editors) into the cataloguing process in an attempt to eliminate errors and inconsistencies prior to the records being added to the catalogue.
Post-Cataloguing Methods The ideal situation for SOSIG and other digital libraries is to ensure that procedures for quality assurance are robust enough to minimize any editing work after the creation of the catalogue record.
Automatic Confirmation of Record Creation As metadata records are created, an email message is sent to the administrator of the catalogued resource or site to inform them that they have been added to SOSIG and to give them the opportunity to read the description.
Section Editor Workshops Because Section Editors at SOSIG work as a geographically dispersed team, we feel it is important that they are able to get together on a regular basis in order to meet each other and exchange experiences.
Summary SOSIG has grown into a large and significant resource.
Services such as SOSIG have adopted a systematic approach to minimize the problems that a geographically distributed service faces when creating metadata.
SOSIG is an excellent example of a pilot project that has evolved into a service and is now a major Internet gateway used on a national and international scale.