SOSMSchool of Strategic Missions (Youth with a Mission International; Garden Valley, TX)
SOSMSecond Order Sliding Mode (Control)
SOSMSystem of System Methodologies
SOSMSenior Officer Software Management
SOSMSection Olympique Saint Médard (Paris, France)
SOSMSource of Supply Modifier
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Critical systems researchers including Midgley (1997) and Jackson (1990) warn, however, that the SOSM should not be a rulebook to be followed systematically, but instead should be regarded as a practice that is useful for critical reflection on methodology choice that offers direction to researchers' thinking in systems research and practice.
While SOSM has been described with a number of different terms, Flood and Jackson's (1991) SOSM is the most widely accepted.
The SOSM is arrived at by cross-referencing the two categories and groups problem contexts into six types: simple-unitary, complex-unitary, simple-pluralist, complex-pluralist, simple-coercive, and complex-coercive.