SOSPSymposium on Operating System Principles
SOSPSong Sparrow
SOSPSystem Operational and Support Plan
SOSPShower of Stoles Project (National Gay and Lesbian Task Force; Minneapolis, MN)
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The Company is confident that the Senegalese authorities will approve the Companys proposal to extend the SOSP licence, subject to farming out to a suitable partner.
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Operating Systems Review (OSR), publishes quarterly and sends proceedings from SOSP, ASPLOS, and OSDI as special issues, including a CD-ROM of the SOSP proceedings to its members.
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We would like to thank Mike Burrows, Allan Heydon, Hal Murray, Sharon Perl, and Sharon Smith for helpful comments that greatly improved the content and presentation of this article; the anonymous referees for SOSP and TOCS also provided numerous helpful comments.
Cynthia Hibbard, Brian Bershad, Michael Ernst, Paulo Guedes, Wilson Hsieh, Terri Watson, and the SOSP and TOCS reviewers provided useful feedback on earlier drafts of this article.
The authors would like to thank John Chopin, John Gerth, Mike Nelson, Steve Ofsthun, Rick Rashid, Volker Strumpen, and our SOSP shepherd Rich Droves for their feedback.
We are also greatly indebted to the anonymous reviewers from SIGMETRICS and SOSP and to John Zahorjan, whose comments greatly improved the quality of this article.
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