SOSRSome Other Substantial Reason (employment; human resources)
SOSRStatistical Office of the Slovak Republic
SOSRsuppress, obscure, secure, and reduce (US DoD)
SOSRShadow of the Serpent Riders (gaming)
SOSRSave Owasippe Scout Reservation (Chicago, IL)
SOSRsingle-operator single-robot
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In recent years, SOSR has become more widely relied on by employers as a reason for dismissal.
SOSR is a catchall category which covers the following sorts of situation: | Refusal to accept changes in terms and conditions; | Protection from competition and conflicts of interest; | Personality clashes; | Reputational risk; | Breakdown in trust and confi-dence; and | Compulsory retirement.
Possibly the most overused SOSR is a breakdown in trust and confi-dence.
The decision in the case of Pendleton v Derbyshire County Council and The Governing Body of Glebe Junior School in March this year - primarily a case on the issue of indirect religious discrimination - emphasises the difficulties of relying on SOSR.
In the Employment Tribunal, the school argued that the reason for the dismissal was conduct or SOSR.
SR]|), which is a little greater than that of SOSR (O(|K|)).
03 and vary the size of overlay network to analyze the performance of OHPR by comparing with SOSR [26].