SOSRSome Other Substantial Reason (employment; human resources)
SOSRStatistical Office of the Slovak Republic
SOSRsuppress, obscure, secure, and reduce (US DoD)
SOSRShadow of the Serpent Riders (gaming)
SOSRSave Owasippe Scout Reservation (Chicago, IL)
SOSRsingle-operator single-robot
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However, it can be a complex and drawn-out process, par-r ticularly in the case of an individual whose performance is only declining slowly Dismissal for incapability due to ill health: again, a complex and drawnout process Dismissal for conduct or illegality: These would involve serious incidents of misconduct and are rare Redundancy dismissal SOSR (Some Other Substantial Reason) 'SOSR' could include exploring voluntary redundancy packages.
No matter what rehearsal type or technique is used, perform basic SOSR rehearsals.
Basic SOSR rehearsals from "secure the foothold" apply to dynamic entry into buildings, but these rehearsals usually focus on the infantry platoon and an engineer squad.