SOSRASex Offender Screening and Risk Assessment (Arkansas)
SOSRASuppress, Obscure, Secure, Reduce, and Assault (attack breach fundamentals)
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Breaching fundamentals are only one breaching tenet; therefore, addressing SOSRA alone is not enough.
SOSRA employs staff members whose primary job responsibility is to obtain investigative reports, judgments, medical information, forensic evaluations and other relevant data on each sex offense for which the offender has been arrested, charged or convicted.
In addition, SOSRA has four staff members who have been trained in computerized voice stress analysis.
SOSRA uses two actuarial instruments as part of the assessment process.
SOSRA also uses the Vermont Assessment of Sex Offender Risk, which considers static and dynamic risk factors.
Final community notification level decisions are primarily made by the supervising psychologist; however, they may be made by or in conjunction with the SOSRA administrator.
Until 2003, SOSRA did not separate default level 3s from level 3s assigned based on the assessment process.
SOSRA continues to be involved in research that will hopefully continue to lead sex offender management in the direction that will help keep the most people safe from victimization.
During the past 12 years, SOSRA has maintained a commitment to a team approach to sex offender management.
Staff continue to encourage sex offender management partners to use this system to instantly be aware of the status of all sex offenders having been assessed by SOSRA.