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SOSUSSound Surveillance System
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Which is precisely what SOSUS and previous versions of SURTASS did.
Looking at these assurances, and at the map in the OEIS/EIS of SURTASS LFA Sonar Potential Operating Areas (see graphic), one could logically reach the conclusion that SURTASS LFA is intended for use in the open ocean, much as SOSUS was used to detect the Soviet submarines of a generation ago.
In 1992, he made his first visit to the SOSUS nerve center in Virginia.
Gagnon has used SOSUS to track individual blue whales for more than 1,500 miles as they sang their way across the Atlantic Ocean.
One SOSUS chain reportedly stretches from England via Ireland to Greenland; others are along the East and West Coasts of the United States and the coastlines of Italy, Turkey and Japan.
The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 marked the end of the Cold War, and in 1991, the Navy declassified SOSUS and entertained the idea of allowing scientists to use it for basic research.
SOSUS was an array of hydrophones originally designed to detect enemy submarines.
57) It is noted that "the SOSUS [Sound Surveillance] system substantially helped the U.
After World War II, that became an important matter; the United States constructed elaborate global networks of AUTOVON/AUTODIN communications, DSP and other satellite downlinks, the DEW Line and BMEWS, SOSUS, NUDETS, signals-intelligence ground installations, and much more.
Despite some SOSUS contacts in and to the south of the Greenland-Iceland--United Kingdom gap, none of the Foxtrots had been firmly tracked as of 25 October, when they reached their stations off Cuba.
38) The lack of SOSUS capabilities in the Mediterranean was somewhat alleviated by the deployment of surface ships equipped with towed-array surveillance systems.