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SOTSociety of Toxicology
SOTSystem of Truth
SOTServing Our Troops (St. Paul, MN)
SOTSchool of Thinking (est. 1979)
SOTScreen on Time
SOTSchool of Theatre
SOTSupervisor of Training (various locations)
SOTSeen on Twitter
SOTSupport Our Troops
SOTSensory Organization Test
SOTStoke-On-Trent (UK)
SOTSecure Online Transaction
SOTSword of Truth
SOTSmall Overlap Test (car safety)
SOTSit-on-Top (Kayak)
SOTSmall Outline Transistor
SOTStay on Top
SOTSource for Open Technology
SOTSpatial Orientation Tree
SOTStart of Text
SOTSound on Tape
SOTSubstitution of Trustee (real estate industry)
SOTSacro-Occipital Technique (chiropratic)
SOTSolar Optical Telescope
SOTSorta Off Topic (online forums)
SOTSmall-Outline Transistor
SOTSolvang (Danish railway station)
SOTShort of Time
SOTSouthern Okinawa Trough (oceanography)
SOTSpecial Operations Team
SOTSound On Tape (TV newswriting term)
SOTSame Old Thing
SOTSafety Observation Tour (various organizations)
SOTSolid Organ Transplant
SOTSoldiers of Thunderstorm (gaming guild)
SOTSecretary of Transportation
SOTState of Technology
SOTScience Operations Team (various organizations)
SOTSecretary of Treasury
SOTSeeker of Truth (Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series)
SOTShots on Target (soccer)
SOTSchool of Tomorrow (educational curriculum and services)
SOTShip Observations Team
SOTStone of Tears (book)
SOTSpecial Occupational Taxpayer (US ATF)
SOTSelected Orders of Tribunal
SOTSpiral Orbit Tribometer
SOTService Occupation Tax (Illinois, USA)
SOTSelect On Test
SOTSend Only Terminal
SOTSold Out of Trust
SOTSpirit of Tasmania (ship)
SOTSummary Offence Ticket (Canada)
SOTSex on Text (cell phone)
SOTSchool of Occupational Therapy
SOTSystem Operability Test
SOTStator Outlet Temperature (gas turbine engine performance term)
SOTSouth Omaha Terminal (railroad)
SOTShower Over Tub (Real Estate)
SOTScheduled Overtime
SOTStatus of Training (US DoD)
SOTStructural Operations Technology
SOTShortening of Thrust (Wyckoff trading theory)
SOTScience Operations Time
SOTself-observed therapy
SOTSerialization Order Timestamp
SOTState of the Theme
SOTSection Operating Technician (Bosch)
SOTSupport to Organizational Training
SOTSystems Operation Test/Testing
SOTSubmission on the Transcript
SOTSubsystem Of Technology
SOTSelection Of Transaction
SOTStraits of Taiwan
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Ashley Alexander, a scientist assigned to SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific), trained Milius Sailors during the SOT on the various intelligence systems on board.
The 1,200 SOT recipients consisted of 259 heart transplant (HTX), 53 lung transplant (lungTX), 300 liver transplant (LTX), 574 kidney transplant (NTX), and 14 multiple SOT recipients (4 HTX-NTX, 1 lungTX NTX, and 9 LTX-NTX).
Over the past 50 years the SOT has played a key role in advancing the science of toxicology as it has evolved from a science devoted to studying poisons and adverse effects of chemical exposures to a science devoted to studying safety.
The assessment must be a SOT OMRA (A0310C = 1 or 3).
Many of the children featured in my photo essay on life in Mae Sot, "Mission: Burma" (pages 38-43), are growing up at Dr.
SOT has been due by July 1st for most businesses involved in alcohol manufacturing, wholesaling/importing, and retailing.
The SOT is $250 for retailers, $500 for wholesalers and $1,000 for producers.
During a confrontation with members of the Alexandria, Virginia, Police Department's Special Operations Team (SOT), the suspect was killed by members of the SOT after he killed one officer and seriously wounded another.
NeuroCom [R] has added an active Head-Shake protocol to the Sensory Organization Test (SOT), significantly improving both the sensitivity and specificity of the SOT.
More than 10,000 unskilled workers from Myanmar rushed to Mae Sot on Thailand's border with Myanmar on Thursday after the country decided to extend work permits for unskilled workers from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.
SOT Finnish Software Engineering Ltd, a privately-held Finnish software company, has launched an international version of its Linux distribution called Best Linux at CeBIT 2000 in Hannover, Germany.