SOTACState Outreach and Technical Assistance Center (various locations)
SOTACSpecial Operations Terminal Attack Controller
SOTACSecret Order of the Altador Cup (neopets)
SOTACState of the Arts and Culture (magazine)
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The activity level of the SOTAC began to pick up during this phase.
In addition to sponsoring faculty assessment forums, the more significant project developed by the SOTAC during this phase was the development of a departmental template for assessment, the "Minimum Assessment Model".
In regard to the actual role SOTAC committee members, members were largely responsible for educating their respective departments on assessment and for involving their colleagues.
Again, in an attempt to reduce resistance to change and to gain support for the process of assessment, SOTAC members worked with existing curriculum committees.
One of the last activities the SOTAC engaged in this year was to participate, with the Assistant Dean, in a mock accreditation exercise which focused on student learning outcomes.