SOTFSurvival of the Fittest
SOTFSpecial Operations Task Force
SOTFSisters on the Fly (est. 1999)
SOTFSchool of the Future (Philadelphia, PA)
SOTFSwitch on to Fault
SOTFSound of the Forest (German music festival)
SOTFShift on the Fly
SotFSoul of the Fire (Terry Goodkind book)
SOTFSex Offender Treatment Program (US Federal Bureau of Prisons)
SOTFSSES of the Future (Navy)
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The SOTF SUPCEN is the critical node that plans, synchronizes, and conducts sustainment operations for all SOTF elements, regardless of location in the area of responsibility.
With guidance from the SOTF command team, the HSC commander will provide direction for the SUPCEN.
The AOB and SOTF often use a planning effort based on MDMP but is more operational in nature.
In the future operational environment, the seven phases of unconventional warfare (UW) will often drive SOTF planning.
After a special operations team secured a VSO site and identified a need for a CST, the SOTF attached one based on the team's capabilities.
This allows the CJSOTF to maneuver assets to support future operations, free to rely on the intimate knowledge at the team level and SOTF analysis of the situations, and react to indications of issues spanning multiple SOTF areas of operation.
Therefore, we relied heavily on the CJSOTF-A J3 and SOTF Commanders' discretion on general direction and prioritization of each VSP's expansion plan.
The SOTF students who participated in the intervention also seemed to benefit both personally and professionally.
Including leaders from the team, company, and SOTF levels would provide a shared understanding throughout the planning and execution phases of NSL.
Three months before the rotation began the SOTF 54 and 3/82 BCT commanders were strangers.
However, as the distance from these entities to the SOTF increases, coordinating movement becomes much more arduous.
SOF logisticians must master these functional areas in order to achieve the highest level of technical proficiency, maintain a fully mission capable equipment status, and sustain the SOTFs in Afghanistan.