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SOTLSword of the Lord (gaming guild)
SOTLScholarship of Teaching and Learning
SOTLSilence of the Lambs (book and film)
SOTLServant of the Lord
SOTLSterlite Optical Technologies Ltd. (Indian manufacturer)
SOTLShakespeare on the Lawn (University of Virginia)
SOTLShadow of the Locust (band)
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Cartographies: Graduate education, SOTL and the third space.
This article is a SOTL piece, presenting a whole-of-program account of a new kind of undergraduate degree that combines expertise traditionally taught in arts, business and law faculties to give students the skills required to be entertainment producers.
A quick review of the authors publishing in the Journal of Scholarship and Learning and like publications in SOTL does not show such an impressive author list of mainstream scholars at highly regarded institutions.
Inconsistent with my initial vision for SOTL, SOTL has become dominated by educationalists without a discipline base and administrators and managers who either never had a home in an academic discipline or have left it.
SOTL may have appeal to the growing number of lecturers, clinical faculty members, and those solely responsible for teaching in post-secondary positions because its "scholarship" label appears to bring respectability within the tradition of higher education.
Unfortunately, and contrary to my 1999 vision that the scholarship of teaching and learning would further advance the recognition of teaching within economics, the SOTL movement may in fact end up marginalizing economic education because of its attraction to less than stellar scholars within the disciplines.
An Unrealized Vision for SOTL," The International Commons 3 (January): 10-12.
Application of SOTL to algebra instruction for students with LD has yet to be validated and previous algebra studies with students with LD have limitations.