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Yehuda (Udi) Vered, General Manager of Elbit Systems Land and C4I Division, commented: "The SOTM contract is an important milestone in our military communication activity on the whole and in the satellite communication activity in particular.
As more and more SATCOM systems occupy the spectrum, the resource is becoming scarce; this is where spectral efficiency has become a very significant factor that allows operating SOTM in dense spectrum, thus providing high demand communication availability," observes Mr.
Anderson thinks these satellite solutions will afford the various markets many enhanced capabilities for man-pack and SOTM solutions that are smaller and lighter in antenna design yet able to achieve the same or greater bandwidth speeds with possibly more saving on the bandwidth costs to meet the increasing demands of use.
Two different types of SOTM terminals will be provided under Increment 2.
There are a number of key elements for SOTM antenna systems to work efficiently, they must have the capability to find, lock and track these satellites that are approximately 35,000 kms from the earth and they must maintain the minimum pointing accuracies established by the various regulatory authorities governing the satellite manufactures, namely the ITU, FCC and others," explains Anderson.
Recently, the integrated Gilat-Orbit SOTM solution was successfully deployed by Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, the national railway company of Kazakhstan.
The network is smart enough to detect when a LOS HNW link is degrading and, without operator intervention, switches that link over to the Network Centric Waveform, which is the SOTM waveform.
Defense Department had intended to place orders for the company's SOTM systems through the company's defense contractor customer.
We are extremely pleased that Ultralife has been chosen as the exclusive supplier of our McDowell Research brand SOTM system because of both the industry-leading performance of our products and our ability to be exceedingly responsive to the needs of our customers," said John D.
to deliver ELSAT 2100 Satellite-on-the-Move or SOTM systems for use by the Canadian Armed Forces.
Standards Preparation For SOTM Terminals; The activity is a study to define a common way to specify and verify Satellite On The Move Terminals (SOTM).