SPAANSoftware for Prediction of Adhesins and Adhesin-like Proteins using Neural Networks
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He said: "Last year before ADO Den Haag played AJAX, the Den Haag players wore Come On Ricky Spaans shirts.
Mark Brown, sales director at Spaans Babcock, said: "The biggest challenge is the large scale of these pumps.
Geboers JF, Janssen-Potten YJ, Seelen HA, Spaans F, Drost MR.
The two recipients of the 2009 awards were Hayley Spaans from South Australia and Suzanne Lane from the ACT.
The following article by Hayley Spaans tells the remarkable journey she undertook as part of her award.
Fifteen chambers of rhetoric performed original plays concerning issues of war, peace, and religious order, and Spaans argues that they shaped public opinion by encouraging thought and discussion.
Dynamic Bronchoscopy, uitgegee deur Springer Verlag, Berlyn, is ook in Spaans en Japannees vertaal.
And although any list is inevitably going to be partial, studies of the Reformation in the cities exploded in this period: Jane Abray on Strasbourg, Philip Benedict on Rouen, Tom Brady on the South German free cities, Susan Brigden on London, Barbara Diefendorf on Paris, Kaspar von Greyerz on Colmar, Ronnie Hsia on Munster, Ben Kaplan on Utrecht, Susan Karant-Nunn on Zwickau, Guido Marnef on Antwerp, Hans-Christoph Rublack on Nordlingen, Joke Spaans on Haarlem, and Gunther Vogler on Nuremberg, to name but a few of the most important.
The pouch belt was supplied and installed by Spaans Bulk Handling Systems, of Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.
Een van de voornaamste doelstellingen van de Bourbonse hervorming was de ontwikkeling van ongeexploiteerde gebieden in Spaans Amerika.
Brent Geese visit marshes in April and May to fatten up for spring migration (Ebbinge and Spaans 1995).
Jointly, AEC and Indianapolis-based Janssen and Spaans Engineering Company Inc.