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The company said the randomised study will demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the ProSpace biodegradable spacer to protect the rectum and lower GI tract during radiation therapy for prostate cancer compared to patients without any spacers.
Finally, a change in the spacer bolt barrel dimension is proposed based on finite element simulations to overcome the different compression behavior of both materials and obtain a product that is within specification.
The Smart Spacer will directly treat infection (including MRSA and Staphylococcus Epidermis) which are increasingly resistant to standard antibiotics.
Bernard, based on selective pressure technique, recommends a layer of pink base-plate wax (about 2 mm thick) attached to the areas of the cast that usually have the areas of softer tissues; he recommends the placement of wax spacer all around, except the posterior part of the palate, which according to him are at high angles to the occlusal forces [8].
The spacer used as an interface between the scope mount flange and the receiver should be made now.
After run-in period, based on computer generated random number tables, patients were randomized to receive MDI (Fluticasone 125 micrograms and salmeterol 25 micrograms) either with spacer or without spacer.
Manufacturing is at the heart of Edgetech and its latest product Super Spacer Alpha was designed in-house by reverse engineering its top selling Super Spacer.
It contains membrane, feed spacer and permeate sheets rolled up around a product collection tube.
It is important that the spacer is compatible with the MDI--this is particularly the case with the Volumatic as all the small-volume spacers have generic ports and can be used with all MDIs.
A spacer textile consists of two layers of fabric connected by "spacer yarns," which give the finished product its desired thickness and corresponding cushioning properties.
Several studies have demonstrated that for mild to moderate asthma exacerbations, administering a beta-agonist via an MDI with a spacer is as effective as using a nebulizer.