SPADIShoulder Pain and Disability Index
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There was significant reduction in mean SPADI (%) in subsequent follow-ups ([F.
Logistic regression was used to examine the association between being a smoker at baseline and achieving at least 1 MCID on the SPADI at 4 weeks and 6 months.
Nello stesso studio non c'erano differenze significative fra i gruppi ai 3 followup per tutti gli altri outcome: SPADI (3 mesi: p=0,49; 6 mesi: p=0,22; 12 mesi: p=0,38); SF-36 attivita fisica (3 mesi: p=0,16; 6 mesi: p=0,89; 12 mesi: p=0,26); SF-36 funzionalita fisica (3 mesi: p=0,85; 6 mesi: p=0,27; 12 mesi: p=0,62); SF-36 dolore fisico (3 mesi: p=0,44; 6 mesi: p=0,41; 12 mesi: p=0,28); SF-36 salute generale (3 mesi: p=0,50; 6 mesi: p=0,31; 12 mesi: p=0,12); SF-36 vitalita (3 mesi: p=0,21; 6 mesi: p=0,45; 12 mesi: p=0,82); SF-36 funzionalita sociale (3 mesi: p=0,69; 6 mesi: p=0,37; 12 mesi: p=0,82); SF-36 ruolo emozionale (3 mesi: p=0,59; 6 mesi: p=0,36; 12 mesi: p=0,33); SF-36 salute mentale (3 mesi: p=0,50; 6 mesi: p=0,95; 12 mesi: p=0,95).
Manual mobilization along with exercises and exercises program alone designed for adhesive capsulitis reduced the pain intensity, increased range of motion of shoulder for external rotation, abduction and internal rotation, and SPADI showed improvements in pain and disability level.
The only statistically significant difference between groups involving the primary outcome measures was in the SPADI at 22 weeks.
The sample size for this study was based on a predetermined 15-point difference between groups in the reduction on the SPADI score.
Day pain, according to NRS and SPADI pain scores, was significantly improved in the treatment group.
Five metrics including SST, UCLA, ASES, Constant, and SPADI were recorded.
Age, sex, duration of disease, level of education, employment, diabetes mellitus, SPADI score and active and passive range of motion were recorded and compared at baseline and after 6 weeks.
Each patient was scored preoperatively and at latest follow-up using the SST, UCLA, ASES, Constant, and SPADI metrics.