SPAPState Pharmacy Assistance Program
SPAPShiva Password Authentication Protocol (authentication protocol for Windows 2000 connectivity)
SPAPSystolic Pulmonary Artery Pressure
SPAPStandar Profesional Akuntan Publik (Indonesia)
SPAPSociety for Physician Assistants in Pediatrics
SPAPSchool of Pure and Applied Physics
SPAPSouth Plains Association of Psychologists
SPAPSamodzielny Pododdzial Antyterrorystyczny Policji (Polish Police Force)
SPAPSpecial Payloads Adaptive Processor (NASA)
SPAPStrategic Propulsion Applications Program (US Navy/Air Force)
SPAPSpecial Processes and Procedures
SPAPSmart Positive Airway Pressure
SPAPSeparate Additional Position
SPAPStatic Process Assignment Prediction
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Protein sequences for gtfC (BAA26102), gtfB (BAA26105), brpA (NP_720858) and spaP (NP_721042) were downloaded from NCBI database.
Echocardiography 4 months prior to enrollment demonstrated an LVEF of 67% and estimated SPAP of 60-70 mmHg.
The velocity of the TR jet is used to estimate the sPAP (34).
Table 2: Adhesins of gram-positive bacteria Adhesin Strain Ligand Reference Antigen I/II Family Demuth (39) Ag I/II, SpaP, P1, PAc Streptococcus Salivary mutans glycoprotein SspA, SspB Streptococcus Salivary gordonii glycoprotein Actinomyces SpaA, PAg Streptococcus Salivary sobrinus glycoprotein CshA, CshB S.
Several state pharmaceutical assistance programs (known as SPAPs in federal jargon) are offering automatic enrollment into state-endorsed discount card options.
Note: the low-income patients in the standard state pharmaceutical assistance programs (SPAPs) who are automatically enrolled in a particular Medicare card by their state usually will have their $600 benefit charged for their state SPAP prescriptions, unless they can insist otherwise.
16) showed BNP level and sPAP better correlated with mitral valve (MV) resistance than mitral valve area (MVA) and mean MV gradient.
The HIV SPAP is designed to assist Texas HIV Medication Program (THMP) members who are eligible for Medicare Part D drug benefits with their out-of-pocket medication costs, including co-payments, deductibles and coinsurance.
Yehia El-Gaafary, Media Secretary at the SPAP, told Daily News Egypt: "Israel is Egypt's first enemy, and voting for Israel is considered a breach of the 25 January Revolution's goals, after it succeeded to close the Israeli embassy in Egypt in 2011.