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SPARKSports, Play and Active Recreation for Kids
SPARKStudents Promoting Awareness of Research Knowledge
SPARKStreet People Armed with Radical Knowledge (From the Film Mouth to Mouth)
SPARKSingle Parents Raising Kids
SPARKSelf Protective Adaptive Roller Kit
SPARKSociety of Professional Administrators and Record Keepers
SPARKSharing and Promotion of Awareness and Regional Knowledge
SPARKSeeking Purposeful Analytical Realistic Knowledge (gifted program)
SPARKScientific Partners for Research Kickoff (University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston)
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Those words roused him; those words lit a spark of the fire of manhood in him at last.
Becoming immediately sensible of the impropriety, he poked the fire, and extinguished the last frail spark for ever.
And if you'd got a spark of pride in you, you'd be ashamed to see the stables emptied, and everybody sneering about it.
As when a spark Lights on a heap of nitrous Powder, laid Fit for the Tun som Magazin to store Against a rumord Warr, the Smuttie graine With sudden blaze diffus'd, inflames the Aire: So started up in his own shape the Fiend.
I delivered up both my pistols in the same manner as I had done my scimitar, and then my pouch of powder and bullets; begging him that the former might be kept from fire, for it would kindle with the smallest spark, and blow up his imperial palace into the air.
As it was, the Sultan's beard was singed and his face scorched, the chief of the eunuchs was burned to a cinder, while a spark deprived me of the sight of one eye.
The grisette, who belonged to a class which certainly has the instinct of misery and the sufferings of the heart, suddenly felt that electric spark, darting from Heaven knows where, which can never be explained, which some strong minds deny, but the sympathetic stroke of which has been felt by many men and many women.
Dismounting, I laid Powell upon the ground, but the most painstaking examination failed to reveal the faintest spark of life.
Then he gored the prostrate thing through and through with his mighty tusks, trumpeting and roaring in his rage, and at last, convinced that no slightest spark of life remained in the crushed and lacerated flesh, he lifted the shapeless clay that had been Sven Malbihn far aloft and hurled the bloody mass, still entangled in canopy and hammock, over the boma and out into the jungle.
And then by a return on his former subject, he conceived a spark of hope.
The gaslight which I had left lit for Jonathan, but turned down, came only like a tiny red spark through the fog, which had evidently grown thicker and poured into the room.
A quantity of dry leaves, mixed with sulphur, he lit with a spark from his flint, and he began to smoke out the bees.