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But sometimes it's hard to say react better when I'm not the one who has been lying there getting my face spat on for no reason.
Hospital and ambulance staff get spat at all the same but we don't give them bags to put over people's heads.
The guards will also only be issued after officers have completed training on their safe fitting to a person who has already spat or threatened to spit.
Based on their findings this year our officers found that all the spat lines were attachedwith oysters and they are recommending that during the breeding period thisyear more spat collectors be deployed to Somosomo, Mr Peckham said.
KEY WORDS: Pinctada maxima, environmental conditions, spat, growth, survival, pearl oyster
Miss O'Neill said Brough was verbally abusive to her mother and then spat in her face while shouting at her.
Katie Langley from Manchester tweeted: "Justin Bieber spat at his fans from a balcony because he was bored.
If anyone spat on me I would definitely have been sent off because I know I would react furiously.
It was initially thought Alcaraz had spat at Wolves centre-back Christophe Berra but Stearman confirmed he was the player targeted by the Paraguay defender.
15,000 for his `unsportsmanlike conduct' amid allegations that the Romanian spat at fans before quitting his third-round match against Daniel Brands.
As the snakes spat at Young, a high-speed camera recorded their movements.
The streets of Sana'a at 6:00pm turn a greenish color caused by the spat out qat.