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SPAWSpecially Protected Areas and Wildlife
SPAWStrategic Plan for the Advancement of Women (Zambia)
SPAWSociety for the Preservation of Artificial Wildlife (Northfield, NH)
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These medicinal waters are of two sorts, the chalybeate and the sulphur; of the former, there are two springs at High-Harrogate, the most ancient of which, called the OLD SPAW, is near the Granby Inn.
Representative values of soil physical properties including their water-holding abilities are listed in Table 15-2 for selected soil textures (Saxton, 2005; based on over 2000 samples used in the soil water characteristics portion of the SPAW model, http://hydrolab.
SPAW is a field-level tool that uses a modified Natural Resources Conservation Service curve number method to develop water budgets for agricultural fields and pond water budgets.