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SPAWNSalmon Protection and Watershed Network
SPAWNSmall Publishers, Artists & Writers Network (Ojai, CA)
SPAWNSalmon Preservation Association for the Waters of Newfoundland (est. 1979; Canada)
SPAWNSecurity, Privacy and Authentication in Wireless Networks (IEEE workshop)
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Spawn Stunt Plane - B Right LB LT Left RB LB LB Left Left A Y
The knowledge that older adults may spawn earlier, over a longer season, or more often to produce more batches may help guide sampling designs.
When salmon and sewin are taken before they spawn a whole generation can be wiped out, devastating future stocks.
In this study, two variables (OUR, & pH) were measured to indirectly quantify the progression of spawn run.
SPAWN biologist Paola Bouley points out that with the Coho's three-year life cycle, it could take only three bad years to wipe out the entire population.
However, it is also possible that spawning movements were completely missed or that some fish were tagged in locations outside of spawning areas and did not migrate to spawn.
The effect of factors such as spawn grain, culture medium, oil type and rate on the culture of Psathyrella atroumbonata and Lentinus squarrosulus has been reported [11,12,13].
Even then they don't spawn until the autumn, when they become trapped again under the ice.
The first sign of something amiss: Among perchlorate-exposed fish, many would-be dads lacked the electric-blue and red coloration that normally signals readiness to spawn.
Satan's spawn still has trouble making friends, understandable since bad things seem to happen whenever the little guy is around.
By identifying the kinds of storms that spawn tornadoes, Trapp hopes to help forecasters give the public early warnings when danger swirls their way.
As my boyfriend and I headed to the charming town of Campbell River, Canada, on Vancouver Island, the self-proclaimed salmon capital of the world, we pondered the existential question posed by the futility of the salmon's life journey: We were there to snorkel downstream as the salmon swam upstream on their Sisyphean voyage to spawn and then die in the same place they were hatched.