SPCBScottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (UK government)
SPCBState Pollution Control Board (India)
SPCBStructural Pest Control Board (California and Texas)
SPCBStandard Printed Circuit Board (Hong Kong; manufacturer)
SPCBSaint Paul City Ballet (Saint Paul, MN)
SPCBSt Petersburg Community Band (St Petersburg, FL)
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As a leading manufacturer of filtration and chemicals supplied throughout the surface finishing industry, SPCB has developed its range through its proactive response to enquiries from customers worldwide and can supply specialist solutions to the powder coat industry, such as:
It is thought that SPCB visits to parliaments in Belgium and the Netherlands, Sir David's visit to Canberra and and trips by officials to Barcelona could have cost the taxpayer around pounds 15,000.
According to the leaked SPCB report, the project has increased from 23,000 square metres to almost 32,000 square metres.
The SPCB does not commit to letting a contract for all or any part of the requirement listed should it become evident that it is not
The SPCB will not be liable for any costs incurred by those expressing an interest in or tendering for this contract.
The SPCB provides no guarantee to the volume or value of business that will be procured from the contract throughout its term.
The SPCB believe it will promote a healthier lifestyle.
Parliament Presiding Officer Sir David Steel said: "The SPCB welcomes the fact that this review allows us a much greater certainty over cost and programme as we approach the expected handover of the building in November this year.
But a parliament spokesman said the firm had "assured the SPCB that the building is likely to be handed over in its entirety in November 2003".
02 Contract Notice: The SPCB wish to award a Contract for the provision of furniture for Holyrood and MSP Local Offices.
Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand SPCBs have been directed to ensure that all the paper units discharging their effluents into river Ganga or its tributaries comply with the prescribed norms.
Actions are being taken by CPCB and SPCBs against non-compliant industries under the provision of Environment Protection Act, 1986 and Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974.