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SPCKSociety for Promoting Christian Knowledge
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the company had filed for bankruptcy in the United States and both charities were exposed to substantial financial liabilities as a result of redundancy claims and other issues; the trust could manage the churches ongoing operational costs but could not meet the claims from SPCK, ex-shop employees and others
George Eldon Ladd, Jesus and the Kingdom: The Eschatology of Biblical Realism (London: SPCK, 1966), 141.
Half a guinea to the SPCK may be compared with her Southampton expenditure that year of 1 [pounds sterling] 2s.
15] J Richard Middleton &Brian J Walsh, Truth is Stranger Than It Used to Be (London: SPCK, 1995), 68.
Matthew for Everyone, Part 1 and Part 2 Tom Wright SPCK Publishing, $24.
Fundamentalism, Church, and Society (London: SPCK, 2002); Martin Marty and R.
Befriending Death by James Woodward is published by SPCK and costs pounds 6.
In her conclusion, Carpenter perhaps overemphasizes the importance of Family Bibles versus other popular texts: as she herself observes, the physical appearance of the Family Bibles was a crucial part of their attraction as consumer goods, and there is no evidence that they were actually read any more than the not-for-profit religious texts distributed by the SPCK and others.
Published during the last twenty years of her life by the Anglican publishing house SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge), the six volumes of Rossetti's devotional prose encompass diverse genres such as personal meditations, a reading diary, and biblical exegesis.
He gave a talk and then signed copies of the text, which is published by the missionary charity SPCK.
Clements, Lovers of Discord: Twentieth Century Theological Controversies in England (London: SPCK, 1988); for Baptists, see especially pp.