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SPDTSingle Pole, Double Throw
SPDTShadow Page Directory Table
SPDTSingle Point Diamond Turning (precision lathe used in optical fabrication)
SPDTSymposium on Parallel and Distributed Tools
SPDTStuart Pimsler Dance and Theater (Minneapolis, MN)
SPDTSidorov Precision Driver Training (Whistler, British Columbia, Canada)
SPDTSurgical Pathology Diagnostic Testing
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The PDT procedure duration was significantly longer in the FPDT group than in the SPDT group (pless than 0.
This innovative lineup of high power surface mount SPDT electromechanical switches is available from stock and offers designers the same level of exceptional performance and high reliability as with more traditional coaxial switches," explains Brian McCutcheon, Vice President and General Manager at Fairview Microwave.
Figure 5(a) shows a 3D view of the overall configuration of the circuit, and it can be seen that the end of the radiator is connected to the SPDT.
Therefore, this paper proposes bandstop to allpass reconfigurable filter technique in SPDT switch design where its isolation depends on the bandstop response of the reconfigurable filter.
Peregrine Semiconductor announced the availability of the SPDT PE42421 RF switch, available in a miniature, six-lead SC-70 package.
The Series DH3 Differential Pressure Controller provides a 4-20 mA process output, 2 SPDT relays with adjustable deadbands, and a large, bright backlit LCD display.
A new electrified cylindrical lockset from Security Door Controls of Westlake Village, California, features a SPDT request-to-exit output.
The switch compliments an extensive range of SPDT types up to 65 GHz, DPDT and multi-position types up to 40 GHz.
The SPDT style unit is 10 to 20 A higher than the previous model and is said to be the highest rated relay in this pin configuration.
to 12 hours and wiring options include SPST, SPDT or DPST.
The new Ashcroft[R] industrial digital gauge from Dresser Instruments introduces the distinguishing features of 4-20 mA output and a switching option of one or two SPDT switches to combine indication, transmission and switching capability into one durable and economical package.
The PHCN-70 features two 3 Amp SPDT relays for on/off control or alarms, automatic temperature compensation with 100 ohm RTD, bright dual displays of pH and temperature LED's, and EEPROM memory to protect settings in case of power loss.