SPEADSexual Predator Enforcement and Apprehension Detail (Fairfax County, VA police department program)
SPEADStep Potential Equilibria And Dynamics (molecular dynamics simulation software)
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An amazing reversal of fortunes, yet under the SPEAD Program Rwanda's June 2009-May 2009 Exports were 263,941 bags.
The company comprises the units Publishing, Media Sales and the advertising agency SPEAD.
PLAY-TIME: Anthony McKinlay, left, is making a racket outside, while Millie Leeming, below, plays quietly indoors FUN OUTDOORS: Phoenix Fowler picks up speed on the scooter, above left, while Emily Richardson gets ready to do some watering, left WRITE STUFF: Ebony McKinlay practices her writing skills while Yman Khatib takes a trike for a ride FULL SPEAD AHEAD: Spiderman Dillon Jones is as fast as a super hero when he's on the trike Pictured below in the sandpit are Max Barraclough, left, and Mark Rutter FUN TIMES: Naiomi Edwards tests her listening skills, above, while Emily Salmon has fun with scissors, below