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SPICSSpare Parts Inventory Control System
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In optimizing asset structure, SPIC constantly deepened the supply-side structural reform, managed to resolve excess capacity problems, steadily carried out the policy of dispose of zombie enterprises with extreme operational issues as well as the policy of separating SOEs obligations of supplying water, power and heating to their employees and managing employee properties.
In innovating system and mechanism, SPIC changed its commercial registration into wholly state-owned company on schedule, and implemented headquarters functions transformation and organization reform in line with the call to turn the company into a state-owned capital investment company.
As one of the first batch of pilot mergers and restructurings among central SOEs, SPIC boosted its asset size by leaps and bounds in previous years, with assets significantly larger than the sum of CPI and SNPTC prior to reorganization, thus achieved the 1 + 1 > 2 expectation.