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SPIDService Profile Identifier (ISDN)
SPIDService Parts Identification (vehicles)
SPIDStandards Profile for Image Distribution
SPIDService Profile Identifier
SPIDServer Process Id
SPIDService Parts Identification
SPIDSouth Padre Island Drive (Corpus Christi, TX highway)
SPIDSum of Pain Intensity Difference
SPIDStandards Profile for Imagery Distribution
SPIDStatistically Planned Incremental Delivery(ies)
SPIDServices Professionnels d'Interventions en Développement
SPIDSindrom Priobretennogo Immunodeficita (Russian: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)
SPIDSpecial Packaging Instruction Drawing
SPIDSub-Packet Identification (data transmission)
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Although the SPID Wizard was supposed to pull the SPID number from the ISDN telephone number automatically, we were forced to configure the SPIDs manually before the ISDN line came up.
Development of the automated functional Belarusian State program of innovative development projects monitoring system on 2016 - 2020 years (AFM SPID), allows the analysis of indicators and monitoring SPID projects in 2016 - 2020.
The operation consists: the replacement of the SDI / Central CMSI; replacement of existing detection loops and compliance (wiring, DI, DO and MD); the integration of various buildings and process schedules that are not integrated to date (direction buildings SPID station, arrowroot post); to recovery and compliance loop sirens and alarms; to recovery and compliance of communications and automatic controls for different devices, valves, fire door, existing sky-dome; to meet the need of centralization and harmonization of the different systems in place actuellement.
Ensuring consolidation and evolution as part of the SPID system for digital identity, it will also offer all certification authority services.
We used the protocol endorsed by the SPIDS for treating neurobrucellosis.
Somewhat unexpectedly, however, Ferguson found that there was no discernable difference in the number of parking spaces created by developments within the SPIDs and those outside the special zones.