SPIRITTSpectral Infrared Remote Imaging Transition Testbed (DOD)
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In early April, experts from the California Pharmacists Association, SPIRITT Family Services, Latinos Unidos and the Pacific Research Institute gathered to warn consumers that purchasing counterfeit prescription drugs can be hazardous.
Included recently in his design/analysis expertise has been airborne electro-optical imaging systems (F-9120, PEP, SPIRITT, EO-Lorops, ATARS and Phoenix), airborne pods (AARP, MRP, Atars Data Link, EDM, TARS), LAMPS airborne antenna pedestal/transmitter/processor, Arrow Missile Program, Shipboard LAMPS Antenna/Pedestal, AWACS airborne processor, Space borne TDRS upconverter/downconverter and RFM assemblies, Space borne and airborne amplifiers and oscillator modules (for U.