SPOESimplified Power over Ethernet (computing)
SPOESingle Point of Entry
SPOESea Port Of Embarkation
SPOESimply Prints on Everything (printer)
SPOESurface Port of Embarkation
SPOESocial Psychology of Education (publication)
SPOESuccessful Presentation of Evidence (court testimony)
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In order to facilitate bail-in or SPOE recapitalization, a SIFI must have adequate unsecured, uninsured debt available to convert into equity (in bail-in) or receivership certificates (in SPOE).
The hard trigger means that there will be no SPOE practice emerging from experience in low-stakes cases.
In 2010, MSU Port Arthur provided comprehensive protection and support for Port of Beaumont operations, one of the nation's largest SPOEs that transported approximately 40 percent of all military equipment used overseas.
The team at the SPOE provided the warfighter with ASIPR, ANIPR and secure VTC, while the team at the LSA provided them with ASIPR and ANIPR.
In order for a TLAC rule to meet the goals of the DFA (ending TBTF) and the FDIC's SPOE strategy (keeping critical operating subsidiaries open and operating), the rule must require TLAC debt at each critical subsidiary that needs to remain open and operating; it cannot just require TLAC debt at the parent holding company.
responsibilities of the SPOE shall include: operate a referral, orientation, and intake process;
In addition, SDDC supports the movement of cargo by rail, commercial truck, and convoy to the SPOE (Seaport of Embarkation) Savannah.
Section 4 reviews the SPOE strategy for implementing OLA.
If the SPOE cannot facilitate the liquidation of a large bank, then it does not solve the TBTF problem or fulfill the DFA's objective of preventing the disorderly collapse of a large financial institution without the use of public funds.