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SPONSORSober Person Offering Newcomers Suggestions on Recovery (AA)
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Not-for-profit Organisation of the Year (Grand Final Only) - Opportunity to Sponsor | Best Creative Business (Grand Final Only) - Opportunity to Sponsor.
Although Larini has retired, Winston continues to keep in contact with her former sponsor and looks for talent within her own department, division, and throughout the company to see whom she can sponsor.
Under the SCP, the sponsor of a qualified plan may correct an insignificant operational failure at any time, even if the plan or plan sponsor is under IRS examination.
The best way to prevent such errors is to reconcile census data with payroll data item by item, and CPAs should advise the plan sponsor to make sure that the individual who undertakes this duty gets proper training.
In support of NASCAR's diversity initiative, WM will sponsor driver Bill Lester's No.
Beginning in 2001, TEI has invited various firms to become sponsors of its Midyear and Annual Conferences.
Narducci, whose event also counts Showtime as a sponsor, says gay men and lesbians often return the sponsor's investment--in consumer appreciation and loyalty.
20 Bronze Sponsors ($750 each): Can attend dinner meetings, and as a group, they sponsor the annual holiday social.
A potential sponsor doesn't need to be an insurance company: any company with stock currency--a bank, a stockbrokerage firm, an investment bank or even a nonfinancial services company--can be a sponsor.
For example, if a sponsorship arrangement entitles a sponsor to both product advertising and use or acknowledgment of the sponsor's name or logo by the organization, only the amount of the payment that exceeds the FMV of the product advertising provided to the sponsor (if any) is a qualified sponsorship payment (Regs.
The sponsor program for the international officer is part of the U.
When the viewer's mouse hovers over the badge, it expands into a thought bubble that contains details about the sponsor and their products.