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SPOOFSociety for the Protection of Old Fishes
SPOOFStructure and Parity-Observing Output Function (computing)
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VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner also susceptible to ordinary spoofs
Much against the slapstick and over- the- top humour that has forever dominated Indian showbiz, the trend is shifting towards the spoofs, satire and parody.
Fifty-One Shades of Maggie was initially written by Leesa Harker as a Facebook-based spoof blog of the best-selling book, Fifty Shades of Grey.
Titled Simulacrum & Hyperbole, the spoof commercial advertises body insurance and lasts 40 seconds.
While the real website boasts it will always look for the "lowest" fare, the spoof site describes its fares as "reassuringly expensive", "bloody expensive", or "I don't care - somebody else is paying".
Attempting to compensate for its own lack of originality and humor, "Epic Movie" spoofs several dozen films, a few MTV shows and, of course, Paris Hilton.
Vine said the item had been clearly labelled as a spoof but told listeners: "We would like to apologise for any offence this may have caused.
Earlier, he had said that the item was clearly labelled as a spoof.
IPOD SPOOF 2006 competition can be found at http://www.
Spoof Master (c Invincible Spirit - Talbiya, by Mujtahid)
One recent spoof incident involved e-mail that appeared to come from a system administrator and requested users to change their password--which was then transmitted to the spoofer.
The issue was Microsoft's licensing requirements on its patented and patent-pending PRA (Purposefully Regressive Algorithm) code, which is crucial to Sender ID's spoof checking.