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SPORKSecret Protectors of Revolutionary Knowledge
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Traditional restaurants that offer a variety of food items appear to maintain the US and UF alleles in relatively equal numbers, although the spork is rarely found.
It's kind of like the Spork, the two-for-one concept.
OK, maybe you've got a plastic spork ;-) Had to throw that in there, gotta love the spork.
The Aspergery Wall-E can't decide whether a plastic spork belongs with his spoons or his forks, so he deposits it exactly between the two piles.
The company offers a baby and a children's set of plates and flatware, and this spring introduced the kids' spork, a utensil with a fork on one end, a spoon on the other and a chunky center for easy gripping.
Titled Spork (all works 2007), it is an inflated, handmade version of fast-food fusion flatware.
Plastico, the pioneer of the now famous 'Spork' and other commonly used snack utensils, has invested in new technology to develop and produce the new 'Mini Spoon' and 'Mini Spork.
You're always nervous when there are expectations, but I'm confident in my abilities,'' Murakami said while squeezing her green stress ball, which she named Spork.
And if the Wright Brothers had not done so, today you would not have the privilege of standing in line for four hours waiting to be groped by a minimum-wage high-school dropout allegedly making sure you don't bring an illegal spork from KFC onto your six-hour flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles.
Instead it's a great romp with creatures like the Slizzard (a mixture of lizard and snake ) and a Spork (a flying pig that's a cross between a sparrow and pork).
There is a missing gizmo that can affect the planet, an island full of bizarre creatures - including a flying pig called a Spork - and enough gadgets to make James Bond green with envy.