SPOWScience Parks of Wallonia (Belgium)
SPOWScope and Program Of Work
SPOWShareware Pick of the Week (software review)
SPOWScientific Programme of Work (NATO Undersea Research Centre)
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There is not enough evidence to support using the reduced model instead of the full model, indicating that the model requires both MPOW and SPOW.
To further test the value of SPOW to the full model, the independent variables were reversed to produce a new full model.
In this simple model (indeed, in each regression model that we investigated), the coefficient for SPOW was significant to the model.
When SPOW was removed from the model, the predictability of the model dropped dramatically, suggesting that salesperson power, beyond manufacturer power, plays a significant role.
Results of regression analysis for H2-H11 regression coefficients (standard errors) SPOW SSAT Expert power 0.
They only know what is online there," Baranick said about the 30 or so SPOW members who will judge the awards.
SPOW is not the first organization to form for obituary writers.
Carolyn Gilbert, founder of the IAO, said her group does not focus on newspaper obituaries as much as SPOW will.
The finalists' work will be posted online for review by the general public and consideration of SPOW members.